Boker Turbine

The Boker Turbine only weighs 5.5 oz, which means you'll never notice the weight once you've tucked it away wherever it is that you carry your knife.

The blade is carefully hollow ground, and blade length is 3 7/8", which is absolutely perfect for 99% of all the possible problems it will help you solve.

Blade steel is Boker's X-15 T.N, a steel that was originally designed for use in the ball bearings of jet engines.

I own a Boker Badger with a blade of this steel, and it's amazing stuff.

I carried it at work and cut all the usual stuff with it: plastic sheeting, cardboard, rubber and synthetic hose, drywall, ceiling tile, gasket material, you name it.

The steel is so tough that a year and a half of work only left tiny scratches on the polished finish, and none of the cleaning chemicals and solvents it was exposed to had any effect on it at all.

I take it along on my activities in the ocean and rinse it off with fresh water; and not even a speck of corrosion has showed up.

The blade of the Boker Turbine opens with a thumb stud, and there's also an ingenious extension at the bottom quillion area of the blade that serves as a finger guard when the knife is open, and provides an optional lightning-fast method for opening the knife.

The blade locks open with a tried and tested liner lock.

The aircraft-grade aluminum handle is sculpted with slight finger grooves that help it fit the hand perfectly.

There are tough, beautiful rosewood inserts in the handle, and there's also a hidden storage compartment that holds extra screws for the pocket clip.

Instead of a sheath, the Boker Turbine is equipped with a pocket clip that is designed to allow you to choose tip-up or tip-down carry.

Take a close look at one next time you're in your favorite knife shop.

I have no doubt you'll agree that this awesome German Knife can definitely get the job done.

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