Has A Premium German Knife
Fired Up Your Interest?

Has A Beautiful German Knife Caught Your Eye?

It's hard to pin down exactly what it is that makes premium quality German knives so fascinating.

One thing you'll probably agree on is that the careful, precise craftsmanship of the major German knife manufacturers and custom knife-makers results in knives that are distinctive, and almost totally flawless.

One example would be a liner-lock type folder made to such close tolerances that the blade stays closed safely and securely, but opens easily with a light touch on the thumbstud.

Another example would be a fixed blade German knife with gleaming stag or polished wood handle scales perfectly fitted, with no gaps between the scales and tang, a nickel silver or brass finger guard beautifully shaped and highly polished with no grinding, filing, or sanding marks visible, and an immaculate Solingen steel blade, shaving sharp, without a stray scratch visible anywhere on it.

And this is no stretch of the truth;

It's exactly what you'll have in your hand when you pick up a premium quality German knife.

A premium quality German knife really is a work of art; made by talented people who are proud of the work they do and the knives they make.

Have you been thinking about about how much fun it would be to start using a German made hunting knife next season, or even sooner?

It doesn't matter who you are, or what you hunt;
whether you use a bow, handgun, rifle, shotgun, spear, or trap.

You might stalk game through a jungle or swamp, through tall grass
or dense forest, accross rolling prairie or soggy tundra,

Through rocky badlands, up the side of a wind blown mountain
or accross a quarter mile wide corn field.

When the hunt has succeeded and the game is down,

You'll do what all hunters have done since the dawn of man:

You'll reach for your knife, and dress your game out.

Would it be possible that a premium quality German hunting knife could make the chores at the end of your next hunt a little easier, maybe even enjoyable?

Fishermen & Women:
Is there a German made fishing or filet knife sparkling in your mind's eye like a spinning lure?

Like hunting, fishing is more than just a sport, and spans the entire globe.

Do you troll for Blue-fin, Marlin, or Mahi-Mahi?

Do you walk out on the jetties or along the docks every chance you get, and drop a net or try your favorite bait?

Do you drive out on frozen lakes and rivers to bang a hole through the ice and drop a line through?

Have you hand-tied the lures that you fly-cast?

Do you save milk cartons, looking forward to the smelt run every year?

Is there a favorite shady shore where you cast a line with a red and white bobber, and then let the weight of the world melt away as you relax?

Well, you probably developed your preference for a fishing knife when you were young, and it might not even be what's sold in stores as a 'fishing' or 'filet' knife.

It might just be a butcher knife like my Mom kept in the kitchen drawer,
or even a nice sharp steak knife.

It might be a pocket knife or belt knife just like the one your Grampa or Dad used, or maybe it is the exact one they used, now passed down to you.

Or maybe you do prefer a filet type knife, because you like the way the blade flexes and flows with the cuts being made.

Whatever type of knife you've been using,
if its possible you might be looking for an improved version,

A German made fishing knife may be exactly what you're looking for.

Chefs and Home-Makers:
Have you been imagining how much easier your cooking chores would be with the help of some fine German kitchen knives?

The quality of the knives you use can affect how easy or difficult your cooking tasks seem to be.

Premium quality German kitchen knives are easier to hold on to and work with, and hold a sharp edge longer.

They can make your kitchen chores easier; and the easier those chores are, the more you can focus on all the other details that turn a meal into a work of art.

Work smart, not hard:

You'll be delighted by the difference some German kitchen knives can make.

Is there a German knife with a certain "Something" that you're finding irresistable?

Collectors are hunters too.

Treasure Hunters.

And successful collecting requires research, study, and care and caution during the treasure hunt.

Are you looking for rare knives?
Something a couple of hundred years old or older?

Or maybe something newer like a one-of-a-kind special edition?

How about a damascus bladed commemorative model,
or a serial numbered knife from a limited edition series?

Are you dreaming of a German knife custom made to your specifications by a German custom knife maker?

Feel temptation kicking in?

Collectable grade German made knives have a raw beauty that has helped build a world-wide reputation of premium quality.

Take a close look at one next time you have the chance.

It'll be fun, and you just might be very impressed.

Campers, Hikers, Trekkers:
Did you see a German made survival knife somewhere that's constantly bobbing up into your stream of thought?

Do you camp at a lake or river shore?
Or in the woods after a day long drive into the mountains?

Do you pitch a tent in a National Park like Yosemite?
Or simply tuck yourself into a sleeping bag under star filled skies?

Is your hike a brisk walk through the park on the weekends?
Or a slow stroll along a favorite river bank?

Or do you prefer the challenge of hiking mountain trails in the Rockies,
Sierra Madres, Adirondacks, Alps, or other mountain ranges?

Do you enjoy paddling a canoe or kayak accross a lake or up a quiet creek?

Or do you go for the adrenaline rush of white water rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, or kayaking down a fast moving mountain stream?

Whatever way you play outdoors, you probably always take a knife along.

For your future adventures, consider the dependability of a premium quality German knife.

Military & Law Enforcement:
First of all, Thank You for your service to your Nation and your Community.

Would you prefer to carry a German made tactical knife on your next assignment?

As a member of the armed forces, or law enforcement officer, the type of knife you're allowed to carry is probably dictated by the policies of your department, or chain of command.

Premium quality German made knives are available in such a wide variety,
theres no doubt you'll find several models that both you and your chain of command will approve of.

Martial Artists:
Have you handled a German made fighting knife that felt like it would fit your style flawlessly?

It might be difficult to find a premium quality German knife made in the classic 'oriental' style,

But there are a number of German knives perfectly suited for fighting or self defense,

Of course, the final selection always depends on personal preferences.

And theres no doubt, you CAN depend on a premium quality German knife.

Businessmen and Craftsmen:
How often have you been doing a tiny little chore around the office or shop and had to stop to find a pair of scissors or box cutter to be able to finish?

I can't count how many times a pocket knife would have saved me a lot of time doing something at work, or back at home, maybe around the yard, or even running around town, but I didn't have one with me.

A German pocket knife is perfect for cutting the super tough tape shippers are using on packages these days, for scraping gunk off shoes or clothing, and for removing those impossible plastic seals you find on food jars and drink bottles every once in a while.

It's handy for cutting string or cord, opening envelopes, cutting cardboard and linoleum, cutting the tip off a tube of caulking, and cutting the paint around the outline of a wall fixture that you have to remove to do some work.

I think you get the picture by now.

A German pocket knife can help you get things done.

Are you interested in getting the best knife possible
for your hard earned money?

Are you looking for a German knife that's perfect for your purpose?

The links on this page will take you to useful information about German knife manufacturers, the blade steels and handle materials they use, and the styles and models of knives they make.

We hope our web site helps you find your perfect German knife.

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