Messermeister Knife
Solingen, Germany

What does Messermeister Knife mean in English?

Messermeister is the German word for Knifemaster.

Messer is the German word for knife, meister is the German word for master.

Messermeister has been making premium quality knives in Solingen, Germany since the 1800's.

They've always strived to produce masterful kitchen knives,

And most chefs will tell you they've succeeded.

How have the innovations of the Messermeister Knife line improved their usability?

1) Adding a professional chef's camber to the blade that allows precise rocking action;

2) Polishing the spine, which prevents abrasion of the thumb or finger when they're placed on the top of the blade during use;

3) Modifying the bolster design by trimming the bolster from the heel of the blade, allowing the complete cutting edge to be used, and easily re-sharpened;

4) Every Messermeister Knife undergoes an exclusive 3 step Elite Edge sharpening process which provides the sharpest blades of all forged kitchen cutlery.

Messermeister's craftsmen and engineers have worked to create a variety of knives that will allow chefs on any budget to be able to enjoy a premium German kitchen knife.

San Moritz Elite and Meridian Elite
Are the two top quality Messermeister Knife lines.

San Moritz

This line has over 35 different pieces available, from Santoku knives to off-set scalloped knives, cleavers and slicers.

The handle is a comfortable, damage resistant synthetic, POM (Polyoxymethaline), which is molded over a full tang, making it both practical and hygienic.

The blade is constructed of 41/16 Krupp no-stain tool steel, X55 CrMoV15, a high carbon, molybdenmun-vanadium, chromium alloy.

The steel has been hardened to 56 Rockwell hardness, which in layman's terms means that they're tough enough to hold their edge through extended periods of hard use, but are also easy to re-sharpen.

Meridian Elite

This line also offers 35 different Messermeister kitchen knives, including Sandwich knives, off-set knives, a salmon slicer, cleavers, tomato knives and garnishing knives.

The handles are POM, classically styled, and triple riveted to the full tang.

As on the San Moritz knives, the blade is constructed of 41/16 Krupp no-stain tool steel, and hardened to 56 Rockwell.

Four Seasons Kitchen Knives

This distinct Messermeister Knife line offers an extra-wide chef's knife blade, with Messermeister's special cambered blade for precision rocking action.

In this line, you can choose from Garnishing knives, spear point parers, petite Chef's knife, steak knives and more.

Blade steel is the same 41/16 Krupp, with a brushed finish, polished spine, and Elite Edge sharpening.

The handles of this knife line are made of a high-quality, no-slip synthetic material known as Santoprene, perfectly molded onto the 3/4 tang.

The 'Specialty Kitchen' Messermeister Knife Line
This product line is absolutely huge, with over 58 different knives or sets to choose from!

From the most simply designed to the most intricate and specific, these knives make all your cooking tasks, from the mundane to the most elaborate, easy to accomplish.

This product line is great if you're looking for:
* Garnishers
* Parers
* Tomato Knives
* Cheese Knives
* The Rocking Knife - A great, almost oriental looking knife, fan shaped with an excellent rocking curve
* Oyster Knives
* Single and double bladed rocking mincers.

Or, you can find specialty sets, with market/bazaar style flair:
* The Wild Game Butcher Kit
* And, the collectible Wrangler Steak Knife set, complete with a very decorative wooden box.

In addition to a melting pot variety of knives and blades, the Messermeister Knife company also offers other kitchen gadgets, gizmos & accessories to make your most difficult brunches and dinners a smashing success - regardless of the audience.

Have fun selecting and using your favorite Messermeister Knife.

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