Eickhorn Solingen

Eickhorn Solingen has been making knives in Solingen, Germany for 140 years, and for a large part of that time they've been making German military issue knives.

They take full advantage of modern production methods,

Continuosly research and fine tune the features of their knives,

Carefully monitor quality throughout the production processes,

And they have an independent laboratory double check the quality of all raw materials and finished products.

They take no shortcuts, and use only the finest quality materials.

Their Solingen blade steels are hardened to a unique formula that results in incredibly tough knives,

And the Mil-spec plastics used are also the finest available; laboratory and field tested for strength and durability.

Take a look at some of their German military knives; like the Bayonet System 2005,
KM 2000 German Military Knife,
ACK Advanced Combat Knife,
and the
LL80 German Paratrooper Gravity Knife.

You might find yourself agreeing with a lot of other people, that they're the best military knives in the world.

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