Eickhorn Bayonet
System 2005

The Eickhorn Bayonet System 2005 is the result of close co-operation with NATO armed forces, and can easily be retro fitted to all NATO rifles.

It's an incredibly durable German military knife that's built not only to handle the abuse of being used as a bayonet, but also to serve as a versatile field knife.

This bayonet's blades and tangs are laser cut from high carbon steel, then heat treated and corrosion proofed to MIL and NATO standards.

The sheath is black/green in color, has a blade lock, helps to serve as an adjustable wire cutter capable of cutting hardened barbed wire, has a sapphire blade sharpener, a lanyard, a drainage hole, can be rotated, and provides fastening points for belt carry, combat vest carry, or MOLLE carry.

The blade is .014 thick, and varies in length from 7.28" to 185 mm, depending on the weapon it is fitted for.

The bayonet itself weighs 10.76 oz. to 320g depending on the weapon it's fitted for, and overall weight of the combination varies from 21.12 oz. to 600g depending on the weapon it's fitted for.

The black/green handle and scabbard are made of injection molded 30% glass fiber reinforced polymers.

I wonder if the troops that are equipped with the Eickhorn's Bayonet System 2005 realize just how good it is?

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