Thinking About A Boker Pocket Knife?

I'd be very surprised if you didn't find at least one Boker pocket knife that seemed absolutely perfect.

After all, there's quite a variety available, and I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few folding German knives in the size ranges that are the most comfortable and practical for carrying in the pocket.

Would you like a "gentleman's" lock-back
with a 2" drop point blade of Solingen stainless steel?

And would you like Stag, Rosewood, Mother of Pearl, or Satin Stainless handles?

These are models 1006, 1004, 1007, and 1003 respectively.

Or maybe...
The same small gentleman's knife in a rust-proof version with Titanium handles and a Ceramic blade? Look for models 2030 & 2031.

Are you looking for a Boker pocket knife with total rust resistance?
The Model 88 is an ultra modern liner lock with a Zytel handle and a
2 1/8" drop point black ceramic blade.

Michael Walker
has designed a couple of slightly larger Boker pocket knives. The models 2076 and 2077 are Walker locks with 2 7/8" blades of ATS-34, and your choice of cocobolo or G-10 handles.

Traditional 3" Copperliners
have a single locking blade of Solingen Stainless. There are thumb studs on the blade so you can open them with one hand, and you can choose stag or bone handle scales.

Look for models 4610, 4613, and 4617.

Below are some of the Boker Copperliner Knives available today.

If you're a bird hunter,
The model 93H is specially made for you, and offers a 3 1/4" Solingen stainless blade and a gut hook. Handle scales are rosewood, and there is a steel shackle/lanyard ring.

There's also a canoe shaped Boker pocket knife available.
Length is 3 5/8" closed, with pen and spear stainless blades, and gray bone handles.

This is model 200

Below are some of the Boker Canoe Knives available today.

Copperhead models are available with 2 stainless blades.
Closed length is 3 3/4", and you have a choice of stag or bone handles.

Look for models 2626 and 4626.

Below are some of the Boker Copperhead Knives available today.

Jacknives come in lengths from 2 3/4" to 3 1/2",
with 2, 3, or 4 blades. You can choose carbon or stainless blade material, and handles of stag, bone, rosewood, or faux tortoise shell.

Stockman knives come in lengths from 3-1/8" to 4",
with bone, rosewood, or faux tortoise shell handles

Above is a picture of the model 9885.

Below are some of the Boker Stockman Knives available today.

Trappers offer a choice of 1 or 2 blades of stainless or carbon steel.
These knives are 4" to 4 1/4" closed, and here too you can choose handles of stag, bone, rosewood, or faux tortiose shell.

Above is a picture of the model 4525.

You probably agree by now,
there is very likely a German made Boker pocket knife that suits your needs perfectly.

Have fun selecting, buying, and, most of all, carrying and using your perfect Boker Pocket Knife.

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