PUMA Hunting Knife

If You're a Hunter, I think you'd agree, a PUMA Hunting Knife would be a welcome addition to your kit.

There's no doubt you give a lot of serious thought to the gear you take along, and when it comes to the knife you'd prefer to take with you, I wouldn't be surprised if a PUMA Hunting Knife was one of your top choices.

And why not?

Hunting and sporting knives are PUMA'S specialty.

One of Germany's premiere creators of hunting and outdoor knives,
PUMA offers a variety of carefully designed and beautifully made styles and models, with a well deserved reputation for outstanding quality.

PUMA Hunting knives also seem to have a distinct personality, and I think that a major factor that contributes to it is the careful hand finishing by PUMA's talented craftsmen.

Puma hunting knives are available with Solingen stainless blades from 3.3 to 6.2 inches in length.

Most will have a brass, nickel silver, or integral finger guard, and Stag handle scales.

There are also limited editions available with specially crafted blade and handle materials.

Whether you’re looking for a small German hunting knife like the PUMA Hunters Companion, a larger model like the PUMA White Hunter or PUMA Rudemann II, or a PUMA folding hunter like the Jagtaschenmesser, there's simply no doubt that the PUMA Hunting Knife you choose will be able to handle even the toughest hunting and campsite chores.

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