PUMA Rudemann II

The PUMA Rudemann II is a little larger and heavier than traditional skinning and fishing knives, so it might not be your first choice for skinning game or cleaning fish;

But it probably would become your favorite work knife for most of the other chores around the hunting blind and camp site.

The blade is 5mm thick, 6 2/7" long, and drop forged from PUMA's premium Solingen 420 stainless steel.

Overall length of the knife is 11 3/7"; it weighs 470 grams, and comes with a leather sheath.

The beautiful stag horn handle, with stainless bolsters and hand guard, is shaped to fit the hand naturally and remain comfortable during hard work.

The blade's shape places the mass of the blade out near the tip, which adds power for chopping cuts,

And the broad tip adds strength in case you need to use it for prying, or even hammering in an emergency.

Take a close look at the Rudemann II the next time you're in your favorite knife shop and see if you don't agree;

It looks like a great backwoods work knife.

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