PUMA Knife

Solingen, Germany

Since 1769, the PUMA Knife has been crafted by artisans dedicated to creating the finest knives possible, and they're still some of the most sought-after knives in the world.

Although modern CNC machinery is used these days for part of their production process, many models are still made with PUMA's tried and true handcrafting; especially the hunting and commemorative knives.

Is Your Favorite PUMA Knife Made With Traditional Materials?

If you love the classic design and quality of German knives, be prepared for some temptation!

The PUMA Knife is traditionally crafted with beautiful natural handle materials, like genuine, purified and cured stag antlers, or high quality, rich natural woods; and you just might find one of these superb German knives hard to resist.

Would You Rather Have Modern Materials?

On newer PUMA Knife models, in addition to their signature stag or wood, you can choose from a variety of tough, water-resistant, non corroding handle materials such as:

Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Stainless Steel

If you're in the market for the toughest possible knife handle, I'd be surprised if one of PUMA'S modern handle materials didn't meet your needs.

If you'd be interested in a little more information about PUMA'S handle materials, please feel free to visit and read our PUMA Handle Materials page.

About PUMA Knife Blades..

Did you know that except for their Damascus blades, all PUMA blades are either hot drop forged or laser cut from a 1 inch bar of premium Solingen steel?

Are you interested in exactly which grades of Solingen Steel Puma uses?

You might be impressed by the variety of affordable PUMA blade materials that are available, and the advantages they offer.

For all of you dedicated Fishing Folk out there,

Two models of PUMA Fishing Knife have been created with you in mind.

With practical designs and new and improved capabilities,
a fishing or filet style PUMA Knife with fixed or folding blade is great for anyone who enjoys reeling them in.

You're sure to find a PUMA Fishing Knife suited to your own unique needs and preferences.

If you're a serious knife collector,

It'll be easy to find a PUMA Knife that will warm your heart.

You might even have already started daydreaming about a PUMA Damascus Knife you saw somewhere in a shop or at a show.

Certain knives are annually awarded with the honor of “Knives of the Year."
Created with traditional, old style handcrafting processes,
using materials like ebony, gold, micarta and Damascus steel,
these knives are truly works of art, and are highly prized by knife and blade collectors.

For nature lovers, PUMA offers collectible knives featuring wildlife scenes from around the world.
From their “Big Cat” inspired blades, to their African influenced pieces, each of these limited edition knives is intricately decorated with a memorable scene inspired by the great outdoors.

Of course, all PUMA collectible and limited edition knives come with custom gift boxes and certificates of authenticity.

Campers, Hikers, Trekkers…

Everyone knows that if you’re heading to the great outdoors, you should be prepared for just about anything;

And with an outdoorsman's knife like the PUMA Bowie Knife, you will be.

Whether you’re pitching a tent, hiking wilderness trails or spending time in the woods or mountains, you'll always be able to depend on your PUMA Bowie Knife to help make your chores easier.

If you're looking for a heavy duty folding knife to take along on the trail, you'll enjoy taking a look at the PUMA Prince.

Not only has PUMA built it so tough that you won't hesitate to put it to work;
It's also a beautiful example of premium German craftsmanship that you'll be proud to show off.

Another outstanding knife you might consider taking along when you go wandering in the boondocks is the PUMA Survival, a compact, lightweight, fixed blade knife with some useful tools built-in.

Military & Law Enforcement…

PUMA Knives' specialty is sporting and outdoors knives, but they also understand that sportsmen aren't the only people who need high quality knives.

For military and law enforcement professionals they've created the PUMA Tac 1, an outstanding heavy duty tactical PUMA Knife that's specially designed to handle even the toughest tactical conditions.

For Martial Artists..

A fighting knife is made of simple things:
A tough blade that can take and hold a shaving sharp edge,
A handle that fits the hand perfectly,
A quality of workmanship one can trust one's life to.

The PUMA Cougar Knife is a work of art that fills those requirements.

Businessmen and Craftsmen…

A pocket knife can help you take care of a lot of the little daily chores around the office and shop without having to look around for a box cutter or a pair of scissors.

If you've been planning to get an everyday carrying around knife, you might find that a practical, utilitarian PUMA Pocket Knife suits your needs perfectly.

See our PUMA Pocket Knife pages for some reviews.

If your preference is vintage PUMA knives, you might be interested in visiting Cutlers Cove Knife Emporium - Your place to find vintage pocket knives, folders and fixed blades.

You might enjoy taking a look at the Puma Knives for sale in our on-line German Knife Shop.

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