PUMA Cougar Knife

The PUMA Cougar Knife is another practical, tough German knife that PUMA's craftsmen finish like a work of art.

Overall length is 11 3/7",

The spearpoint 440 B blade is 6 1/9" long,

There is a double finger guard and pommel,

And the handle scales are jacaranda.

If you're going into the boonies and can only carry one knife,
the Cougar is the perfect compromise in size and style.

The PUMA's Cougar might not be your first choice for preparing firewood,
but it can handle it with no problem.

And it might not be the perfect knife for dressing out game,
but it can do that too.

You might prefer an axe or machete for setting up a woven branch shelter,

But if the Cougar is what you have with you, you will get that roof set up over your head.

And if its possible you might do some fishing,
the Cougar can help scale, clean and filet your catch.

One of the most unpleasant possibilities you might face is defending yourself against 4 legged or even 2 legged predators.

If your knife is your final option,

The PUMA Cougar is an excellent choice.

Could a field knife be more versatile?

I think the toughness and versatility of this knife would make it a top choice as a fighting knife.

Inspect a PUMA Cougar Knife closely at your favorite knife shop, and evaluate its merits according to your own standards.

I expect that you won't want to leave the shop without it.

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