PUMA Tac 1

The PUMA Tac 1 is a relatively new model of PUMA knife, and it shouldn't surprise anyone that it is beautifully made, and built tough enough to handle military duty.

blade length.........17 cms
blade thickness.....5 mm
total length..........31.2 cms
knife weight.........310 gr
steel / hardness....440A / 55-57 HRC
design.................H. P. Jermer

The handle scales are sculpted to fit naturally in the hand, and they're textured and checkered for a secure hold.

Made of almost indestructable ABS, they're slightly oversized, so the bare hand won't freeze to the tang during cold weather operations.

And, the indentation around the profile of the tang also helps the hand keep a secure grip during use.

The sheath of the PUMA Tac 1 consists of an outer layer of cordura, wrapped and stitched around a layer of polymer that strengthens the sheath, and protects the blade and point.

The strap that secures the knife in the sheath fastens with a buckle that allows a quick release of the knife.

The sheath has a standard sized belt loop, and there is an additional strap included.

It attatches to the back of the sheath easily, can be adjusted to fit different size belts, and allows the sheath to swivel on the belt.

The design of the PUMA TAC 1 provides surprising versatility.

The handle rivets can be removed, and thanks to the holes in the butt and finger guards, the blade can be securely tied into a makeshift spear.

The top of the blade is ground in a way that leaves a small pyramid shape about 1 1/2" back from the point.

This pyramid will act as a barb, and help hold fish and small game on the blade when it is used as a spear.

The back of both finger guards are serrated, and the location of the finger guards allows the hand to hold the knife with a full strength grip, and still place the thumb on the back of the top finger guard.

This provides precise control when slicing thick material.

The butt of the tang protrudes beyond the end of the handle, so it can be used to break glass, or to hammer on other hard objects when you need to.

The tanto shaped blade is premium Solingen steel, chisel ground.

The bevels are ground only on the left side of the blade, so the right side of the blade is perfectly flat.

Whether you're operating in the arctic, the desert, the jungle, or on amphibious operations,

The PUMA Tac 1 is designed to help:
open crates, build shelters, cut firewood, harvest edible plants, dig holes, hammer nails and stakes, rig a snare, open a drum, jimmy a door, you name it.

Take a close look at the PUMA Tac 1 next time you're in your favorite knife shop.

But it might be a good idea to leave your wallet in the car.

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