PUMA Bowie

The PUMA Bowie Knife has a style very similar to knives of the "American Frontier" period,

And its blade shape is very close to the shape of Bowie knife blades of that time.

The large knives Jim Bowie carried were specifically intended to be used for self defense,

And Bowie carved a legend for himself and his knives by using them with deadly effect.

Puma's Bowie is 11" long overall,

The clip point, drop forged 440 C blade is 6 1/9" long,

The handle scales are stag,

And there is a single finger guard.

This compact version of the Bowie is a powerhouse of a knife,

At a weight that makes it easy to carry while hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, and almost any other activity that takes you into the boondocks.

It can handle chores in the hunting blind, at the camp site, at the lake shore, or along a forest trail,

And there can be no doubt that it's also a deadly self-defense weapon.

Take a close look at this premium quality German knife next time you visit your favorite knife shop and see if you don't agree:

This superb Bowie Knife would be a welcome companion on all your outdoor adventures.

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