PUMA Survival

The PUMA Survival is a trim, compact knife that would be easy to carry all day long.

With its cordura sheath, you can tuck it away in your back-pack or in a BDU cargo pocket, you can carry it on your belt, strap it to your ankle, wear it inside your shirt as a neck knife, strap it to your fore-arm, or tie it to your pack-straps or web gear.

It is made of premium 440A Solingen steel, weighs 120 gr., is 8 2/3" long overall, with a partially serrated 3 3/4" blade that is 4mm thick.

The finish is sand-blasted, the handle is wrapped with a leather strap, and the Survival comes with a cordura sheath.

The utility tools designed into the knife include a screwdriver, wrench, shackle opener, bottle opener, and wire bender.

So in one solid piece of premium Solingen steel we have a tough, utilitarian tanto shaped blade;

Combined with useful, built-in tools;

With no moving parts to seize up, come loose, or break off?

You'll have to search far and wide to find a knife in this size and weight class that is as tough and versatile as this ingenious German knife.

Inspect one closely at your favorite shop.

And when you do, imagine all the every-day backwood chores the PUMA Survival can help you with.

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