PUMA Fishing Knife

The PUMA Fishing Knife is available in two models made especially for all of the dedicated fishing folk out there.

The fixed blade Pro Fillet Steelhead model is 11" overall with a 6" stainless fillet blade.

The 'plexi-grip' handle is specially designed for comfort, and is available in clear, translucent blue, and translucent green colors.

A poly sheath is provided with the knife.

This German made fishing knife is designed especially to help you clean your catch faster and easier,

So you can relax and enjoy your freshly caught fish sooner.

The Waagemesser folding fishing knife offers a couple of unique, useful features

There is a ball at one end of the handle that can be used to bonk fish on the head if desired.

The ball also acts as a counterweight: With the blade open, the knife can be used as a balance-beam type scale that can weigh fish up to 4.4 pounds.

The stainless blade is 3 4/5" long,

The knife is 6" in length closed,

And weighs 9 ounces.

The Waagemesser fishing knife will help you verify the size of your catch,

And help make the cleaning easier.

Have more fun on your next fishing trip:
Take a PUMA fishing knife along for speedier, easier cleaning.

Below are some of the Puma Fishing Knives available on sale today.

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