PUMA Prince

The PUMA Prince is a standard size, standard style lock-back folder with brass bolsters, stag handle scales, and a premium 440A Solingen steel blade.

The 3mm thick blade is 3 1/2" long, the knife is 5" closed, and comes with a leather belt pouch.

And that's about where the "standard" aspects of the knife stop.

This knife actually is beautiful enough to be displayed as part of any knife collection,
but there's something about it that makes you want to open it up and get to work with it.

And why not?

It's s superb style for a working knife, and will be great for whittling, carving notches in tent pegs, trimming branches, opening cartons, cutting line or rope, peeling fruit, slicing meat and vegetables for stew, stripping wire insulation in an emergency, cleaning game and fish: and, well, the list could really get long.

But, you get the idea.

As beautiful as it is, the PUMA Prince is built to be a working knife.

Occasionally I've had co-workers who were 'knife people', and I'd have enjoyed hearing the groans, moans, and comments they would have made if they saw me using a PUMA Prince on the job.

It would have been part of the fun of owning and using this premium German made working knife.

If you haven't already taken a close look at this premium German Knife in a shop or at a show, take a close look at one next time you have a chance.

See for yourself if there isn't a certain "something" about it that is very appealing.

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