PUMA Handle Materials

PUMA handle materials are designed and crafted from various products, both natural and synthetic, because the craftsmen at PUMA understand that different people need different types and styles of knives.

Whichever Puma German Knife is your favorite, you can be sure special care has been taken to ensure the handle is perfect for the knife's purpose.

Modern and Synthetic Materials:

PUMA handle materials offer more than your standard steel or aluminum knives.
They also incorporate several other unique synthetic materials into their handiwork.

This is acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, a black thermoplastic with very high impact strength.

Die-Cast Zinc.
Providing high strength and hardness, zinc offers high quality finishing characteristics and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Kraton is what’s known as a “thermoplastic polymer”.
Thermoplastic means that the material is capable softening under heat and then hardening again as it cools. Thermoplastics are easily molded into other shapes. A polymer is a chemical compound that is made up of a large number of identical components linked together to form a chain. For knives, Kraton inlays on the handle add to an enhanced grip.

This is a composite made up of linen or paper fabric, impregnated with an epoxy resin.
It is a popular knife handle material, and has been used for many years.
Micarta is lightweight, durable, and can be finished up beautifully.
The appearance of the finished handle can vary depending on the finishing techniques used.

Plexi-grip / Plexi-glass.
This is a light, transparent weather resistant thermoplastic used not only in the knife industry, but also with windows and glazing.

Stainless Steel.
A hard steel that has been alloyed with a high percentage of chromium, which makes the steel very resistant to (but not impervious to) corrosion.

Zytel (By DuPont).
This material offers superior toughness and will not corrode.
Zytel is also widely used in the automobile industry.

Natural and Traditional Materials:
One of the reasons that PUMA hunting knives are so famous
is the careful, wonderful craftsmanship used to combine tough Solingen steel blades with durable, beautiful stag horn handles in the classic style of traditional high-quality German knives.

PUMA has also incorporated several different varieties of wood into the construction of their knives.
These wooden PUMA handle materials include:
• Olive wood
• Ash wood
• Jacaranda wood
• Grenadill
• Matrona wood
• Pakka red wood
• Oak wood and
• Palm wood

Precious Materials:
Each year, PUMA designates one, beautifully crafted limited edition knife with the title: “Knife of the Year”.
With this year’s model, you’ll find a priceless ebony handle.
Rare and precious, what else would you expect from one of the oldest German knife companies around?

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