PUMA White Hunter

The PUMA White Hunter is such a formidable and functional knife that the German Air Force pilot's survival knife is based on it, and other manufacturers offer similar designs.

10 5/8" long overall, with stag handles and a 6" blade of Solingen stainless, the PUMA White hunter is an attractive knife with impressive capability.

The broad tip of the blade helps to prevent it breaking when stabbed into something tough, or if its used as an emergency pry bar.

There is a section along the back of the blade that is ground with an axe-type bevel that can be used for chopping.

The cutting edge is partially serrated, which helps start a slicing cut, and cuts rope or similar materials quickly.

The slightly re-curved blade shape adds leverage to slashing and slicing cuts, and adds weight at the end of the blade for powerful snap cuts.

The drop point profile of the tip allows it to be used as a drop point skinner.

The finger guard, of course, prevents the hand from slipping up on the sharp edge during use,

And the stag handle is shaped and sized to provide a comfortable, secure fit in the hand.

PUMA White Hunter II Kraton

The White Hunter II Kraton is a slightly shorter version of the White Hunter.

Overall length is 10", blade length is 5 5/7", and other features of the knife are similar except the blade is not serrated.

The handle is Kraton, a very durable thermoplastic polymer with a slightly different grip shape and feel.

Handle a White Hunter for yourself and see if you don't agree that it's an exceptional German knife, with a tough 'personality'.

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