Boker 585

The Boker 585 is a medium sized, hard-working Boker hunting knife that is designed down to the smallest detail to do big jobs and do them well.

Crafted with the careful quality you expect in a premium German knife, it's big enough to take care of most hunting and camping chores, and tough enough to be perfectly at home in desert or forest wilderness.

The 4 5/8" blade of 440 C Solingen steel is hard enough to hold an edge for a long time, and ready
to work just as long as you can hang onto it.

The amboina wood handle scales are tough, with a beautiful deep grain that adds an almost elegant flair to the personality of the knife.

And, to make life easier on your hands, the handle is grooved to allow the knife to sit comfortably but firmly in your grip even during your roughest jobs.

Of course, this superb German knife comes with a belt sheath.

It is light brown in color, made of British saddle leather, and secures the knife with a snap.

Inspect a Boker 585 closely the next time you're in your favorite knife shop.

I think you'll be very impressed.

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