Boker 529 Integral

The Boker 529 Integral is a beautiful German knife with plenty of brawn, and it might be exactly the sort of knife you want to take hunting.

The 3 1/2" blade is hot drop forged from premium Solingen 440 C steel, and the drop point design allows for plenty of flexibility in its use.

The narrow tip allows close work, while the thick base of the blade gives a solid feel to any cutting job.

The Palisander wood handles sit comfortably in the hand, and help prevent fatigue while you are working with this knife.

In addition, the graceful sculpting of the handle complements the style of the blade artfully enough to delight even the most descriminating collector.

This Boker hunting knife looks good, feels great in the hand, and can handle hard work.

Nicely styled but designed to be a workhorse, the 529 Integral can hold its own in any environment,

And it would be an ideal choice for any outdoorsman who's looking for the best possible knife to take into the wild.

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