Boker 541

The Boker 541 is a good-sized hunting knife for the outdoorsman who likes a knife that is big but not cumbersome.

This German Knife is 8 3/4" long overall, with a 4" blade that is designed to last.

Forged from 440C Stainless Steel, the blade will hold its edge through the chores outdoorsmen take care of around the campsite, on the trail, and out on a hunt.

The Palisander wood handles are grooved to fit in the hands just right, giving it a comfortable feel while you are using it.

The 541 comes with a premium quality leather belt sheath.

Carrying all the quality you expect in a premium Boker Hunting Knife; you won't hesitate to depend on the Model 541 while hunting, hiking, canoeing, or backpacking.

This German knife is beautiful enough to stand out in a collector's display, yet rugged enough that you won't hesitate a split second to take it along when you head out into the boondocks.

Take a close look at one next time you have the chance.

If you like drop point hunting knives, you'll really like this version.

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