Speedlock 3000
Boker Automatic Knife

The Speedlock 3000 Boker automatic knife was introduced in 2004.

Dietmar Pohl designed this knife to be easy to open and close, and comfortable to use even for difficult chores,

And Boker has built it tough enough to last a lifetime.

In America and other markets where automatic opening is restricted, the activating button of the Boker Speedlock 300 automatic knife only locks and unlocks the blade, in either the open or closed position.

In markets where automatic opening is allowed, the Boker Speedlock 3000 automatic knife is available fully automatic.

There is a secondary safety on the top of the handle above the button.
Its purpose is to prevent unintentional opening or closing of the blade.

As convenient as the activating button location is, the secondary safety seems like an excellent idea to me.

The Boker Speedlock 3000 automatic knife has a 3 3/8" blade of 4034 stainless, and is 7 7/8" long overall.

The handles are aluminum with Kraton or Walnut inserts,
and a cordura sheath is provided.

The Boker Speedlock 3000 automatic knife will remain locked closed until you want it open,

Will open in a flash when you need it,

And will remain locked open until the job is done.

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