Boker Ceramic Knife

A Boker ceramic knife holds its edge so well that depending on how hard you used it, you might not have to sharpen it for a year, or maybe even longer.

Have you been using knives that just won't stay sharp as long as you'd like?

Do you simply want a blade that has the best possible edge holding qualities?

If so, a knife with a ceramic blade is a good idea, and you might find what you're looking for in Boker's selection of German-made ceramic knives.

If you're a hunter, you might be wondering how much game a Boker ceramic knife can clean without being re-sharpened.

Hunters using the Infinity claim they can use it for two years without re-sharpening.

It is one of the Gemini series folders, with a Zytel handle, and 3 3/8" drop point black ceramic blade. Weight is 3 oz.

It comes with a stainless pocket/belt clip, and thumb studs for easy one hand opening.

The ceramic blade provides amazing edge holding, and the knife is almost totally rust-proof.

There's also a smaller version, the Gamma, Model 88.

With a 2 1/8" drop point black ceramic blade, and a weight of 1.5 oz., it's a handy pocket knife that can handle a lot of tough work.

The Titan/Ceramic series offers Boker ceramic folders with titanium handles and a modern, streamlined style.

The Delta, Model 2040 was Blade Magazine's 'Imported Knife of the Year' in 1993.
It weighs 2.8 oz., comes with a 3 1/8" black ceramic blade, and is gift boxed.

The model 2030 is a smaller "gentleman's" version with a 2" drop point black ceramic blade, and only weighs 1 oz.

The 2031 is similar to the 2030, with blue anodized titanium handles.


These slim knives are so light you'll forget you have one in your pocket, and rugged enough to last a life-time.

Would you be interested in a Boker kitchen knife that you might never have to sharpen?

Boker was a pioneer in the use of ceramic as a blade material, and offers kitchen knives in your choice of black or white ceramic, with blade lengths of 3 1/2", 5 1/4", 5 1/2", and 6 1/8".

The handles are Delrin, and are designed for easy, comfortable handling.

Below are some more Boker Ceramic Knives, including kitchen knives, that are available today.

If you're looking for the absolute best edge-holding blade material, the blade of a Boker ceramic knife will stay sharp far longer than a steel bladed knife; and as a bonus, a ceramic blade won't rust or corrode.

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