Boker Trench Knife

The Boker Trench Knife is an exact recreation of the German Military trench knife of the early 1900's.

Overall length is just over 10", blade length is 5 5/8.

Blade steel is premium high carbon Solingen steel; and stainless and damascus versions are also available.

The wood handle scales are shaped to stay in the hand during severe use, and the knife comes with a traditionally styled leather sheath.

This German knife would be a fascinating addition to any collection; and has an appearance that is a sure-fire conversation starter.

It's also a superb working knife, and is built to handle a lifetime of arduous duty.

You can use it to cut kindling, clear light brush, open crates and cans, whittle tent pegs, dress out game:

It can handle all the chores you'd expect any field knife to take care of.

Take a close look at one at your favorite knife shop and see if you don't agree that it's definitely built to handle the load.

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