PUMA Backpacker

The PUMA Backpacker is a knife that is conveniently named for the people who would get the most out of this model.

Small, easy to carry, and capable of holding a keen edge for a long time, it's an ideal choice for those who carry their campsite with them.

The PUMA Backpacker is 7-1/2" long when fully extended, providing a knife that is large enough for big work, but folds down to 4-1/2" when not in use.

Thus, it provides nice combination of good size without being oversized.

At a weight of 120 grams, it provides a reassuring heft while it is being used, but does not feel too bulky while it is being carried.

Additionally, this model comes with all of the quality you expect from a handcrafted knife from Solingen, Germany.

The blade is forged from D1.4 Cutlery Stainless Steel, giving it an edge that will hold up under repeated use.

The blade locks firmly into place while extended and it folds up nicely to fit into a nylon carrying case that can be worn on the belt or attached to a backpack.

The grips consist of two ABS scales that are as rugged as the rest of the knife.

They hold up well under consistent use, meaning that your grips will be as durable as the blade, allowing this remarkable German Knife to stay comfortable in your hand for years to come.

Overall, the PUMA Backpacker is an ideal knife for hiking and camping.

It is strong, durable, and its craftsmanship is as finely honed as its blade.

No matter where you go or how long you are there, it will be right there with you to provide consistent performance under any circumstance.

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