PUMA Corporal

If you are looking for a solid knife in a pocket-sized package, the PUMA Corporal is a smaller model that still carries all the quality you expect from a handmade PUMA pocket knife from Solingen, Germany.

Though it isn't as small as a penknife, it's small enough to be carried comfortably in the pocket and easily pulled out at a moment's notice.

This lock-back knife measures only 3" closed and sports a 2" blade that is made from D1.4 Cutlery Stainless Steel.

Weighing in at a mere 60 grams, it is exceptionally light and easy to carry, making it a useful knife for people who don't want a lot of weight in their pocket.

This is a useful knife for hikers, as it can be carried in the pocket, which means that it will not be digging into your hip while you are carrying your pack.

Additionally, it is light enough that you will not feel it jostling against your leg with every step, which might get irritating after a few miles.

However, the razor-sharp, 2.5mm thick blade is tough enough to stand up to repeated use, making it a reliable tool while you are on the trail.

The handle sports ABS scales that will hold up to bumps and drops and resist sweat effectively.

And the scales are held firmly into place with brass bolsters, which means that the grip is built to last, as well.

Overall, the PUMA Corporal is a solid, rugged German Knife that will always be handy, always useful, always dependable, and ready for action.

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