PUMA Medici

The PUMA Medici is a compact, lightweight German knife with a classic, you might even say Mediterranean, stilletto flair.

This attractive, durable knife is only 80 grams, making it an easy-to-carry model for those who are looking for a light blade that carries plenty of punch.

It's handmade in Solingen, Germany with a 3" long, 2.5mm thick blade of premium Solingen 440 A steel.

The blade folds out easily and locks firmly into place above a swing-type fingerguard that protects the fingers of the person using it.

This knife is 4" long folded, and extends to a full 7-1/2" when open.

A variety of handle materials are available; including staghorn, steel, rosewood, delrin, bone and simulated ivory:

And whatever handle material you prefer on your pocketknife, the sculpted handles will feel right for you.

Anyone looking for a stiletto-style blade will be very happy with PUMA's Medici.

It is durable, attractive, and it has all the quality you would expect from a handmade, German pocketknife.

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