PUMA Micro Stag

The PUMA Micro Stag is a compact German Knife with an ageless, classic design.

Small, lightweight, and well-designed, it looks like every boy's first pocket knife.

Handmade in Solingen, Germany, it's built to endure a lifetime of everyday work.

Designed to fit easily in the pocket, the Micro Stag model is only 2-1/4" long when folded, and extends out to 4-1/4" when it is at work.

Fully opened, the blade stays in place thanks to the lockback design.

And with its 440 A steel blade, this is a knife that is ready to work for a long time while keeping a sharp edge.

The handle is solidly constructed, with stainless steel and staghorn or bone scales.

The scales are secured with stainless steel bolsters, which ensure that the grip will last as long as the rest of the knife

The PUMA Micro Stag is an excellent knife to carry around the campsite when you need small work done.

It can be useful for cutting twine, shaping a hot dog stick, or simply whittling a small branch.

Small enough for lightweight work, but solid enough to be dependable, it's an excellent knife for a boy who is going camping, or a man who simply wants a small knife that he can carry with him for any need.

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