PUMA Pilot

An excellent knife for climbers, the PUMA Pilot is a small, light lock-back knife that feels almost weightless.

Designed to pack a maximum of quality into the lightest knife possible, this PUMA pocket knife is the ideal choice for people who want a good knife that doesn't have any more weight than it needs.

With its 2-1/4" blade, it's enough knife for almost any situation.

The premium Solingen 440-A steel will keep its edge during frequent use and it is tough enough for rough handling.

Add in the aluminum handle that is held together with stainless steel rivets, and you have a pocket knife that will stand up to tough conditions.

The blade folds down into a 3" handle, making it a compact companion.

With its aluminum handle, it weighs a mere 40 grams.

With a lanyard hole provided, you have a knife that is ideal for climbers who want to save every bit of weight possible.

Thanks to the ABS scales on the grip, this knife is comfortable to hold even during hard use.

If you want plenty of knife in a very light package, the Pilot is the knife for you.

Handmade in Solingen, Germany, it has all the craftsmanship and durability that you would expect from a premium German knife.

It is tough, reliable, and it is always ready to help you out, no matter where you go.

You can save the weight, but you don't have to scrimp on quality with a PUMA Pilot.

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