PUMA Steel

The PUMA Steel is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a small, light PUMA pocket knife for daily use that fits comfortably in the pocket.

Small, thin, and almost weightless, it is a very handy German knife that can go anywhere.

And with the built-in money clip, it's a great knife for people who need a convenient knife that they can take along with them wherever they go.

This is an all-stainless steel locking liner that is meant to be used for day-to-day tasks.

Whether it is cutting network cables, performing detailed cutting on paper, or simply used as a letter-opener, this knife is a trusty sidekick for daily life.

Weighing in at only 61 grams, it carries easily in the pocket.

And with its exceptionally thin design, it does not feel any bulkier than a wallet or a set of car keys.

However, the PUMA Steel is also durable enough for outdoor use.

This handcrafted knife carries a 2" blade that stays exceptionally sharp.

And with its lanyard ring and one-hand opening, it can be used as a climbing knife that will not add more weight or bulk than you need.

Overall, it's a knife that can do many things for many different people.

If you need a small, thin, light knife that can go anywhere this would be a great knife for you.

This fine selection from Solingen, Germany is great on the cliffs and on the job and provides enough cutting power for just about anyone.

It will last for years and it will be there whenever you need it.

The PUMA Steel is designed to go wherever you go and be ready when you get there.

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